Our Story

Our passion for creating this product came one holiday when our entire family got together and our grandma served us her coveted Turkish coffee.  The younger generation within the family reminisced on how this great tradition and flavor is so important and unique.  

Later on that month, a few dear friends visited our home while our mother was present.  Our mother, who is traditional, offered Turkish coffee. Our non middle-eastern friends all really enjoyed the experience. Later that week at a breakfast meeting, one friend specifically encouraged us to create this product in a K-Cup.  With that, Levant Blends was created with 3 founding products, Cardamom Tea, Cardamom Coffee (Chaldo Style), Turkish Coffee.

Our Focus

Levant Blends focuses on bringing unique blends that are found internationally in a K-Cup.  During the creation of our blends, we had the local middle-eastern communities engage on what product we needed, was engaged in every stage of implementation and provided the best feedback to create the product we enjoy today.

Our Difference